Museum of Andover History, Andover

Museum of Andover History, Andover – Jerry Dougherty

The town of Andover is in the central region of the state and in the southern portion of Tolland County. Settled in the early 18th century, it was incorporated in 1848 from the towns of Hebron and Coventry. In 1926, investors envisioned a resort in a swampy area known as Cheney Hollow and formed the Andover Lake Corporation. A dam was constructed and the sluiceway opened in 1927, creating Andover Lake. By the 1940s, several hundred cottages surrounded the area. Today, Andover remains a small town, rural in nature, and is centered on the lake area.


Andover Creamery, 1889

Andover’s Award-Winning Creamery

Started in 1886 by town residents, the Andover Creamery Corporation typified cooperative agricultural enterprises of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. …[more]

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