Squantz Pond State Park, New Fairfield

Squantz Pond State Park, New Fairfield – Diana LeRoi-Schmidt

This Fairfield County town shares its western border with New York State while Candlewood Lake, Connecticut’s largest body of water, lies along its eastern edge. Incorporated in 1740, New Fairfield’s early residents farmed and maintained small enterprises. The heavily wooded terrain of its Big Basin area supported a modest timber industry until the 1920s when Connecticut Light & Power flooded the area, along with land from neighboring towns, to create Candlewood Lake. The lake, Squantz Pond State Park, and tracts of unspoiled terrain have made New Fairfield an attractive residential community and summer retreat.

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A Revolutionary Book Designer: Bruce Rogers of New Fairfield

Bruce Rogers was a book designer who settled in New Fairfield. Considered one of the great typographers of his time, his masterpiece was the 1936 Oxford Lectern Bible. …[more]

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