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James Mars

James Mars’ Words Illuminate the Cruelty of Slavery in New England

February 28, 2015

Mars’ landmark memoir of the mid-1800s reveals how enslaved men and women suffered—and resisted—the injustices of bondage.  …[more]

Categories: Canaan, Connecticut History Day 2015, Norfolk, Slavery and Abolition

Detail from a map of Hayt

Ebenezer Bassett’s Historic Journey

February 27, 2015

This educator, activist, and associate of Frederick Douglass served the US as its first African American ambassador. …[more]

Categories: Civil War, CT AT Work: New Haven Area, Derby, New Haven, Politics and Government, Slavery and Abolition

Race Restrictive Covenants in Property Deeds

Race Restrictive Covenants in Property Deeds

February 23, 2015

“No persons of any race except the white race shall use or occupy any building on any lot... ." Language such as this still appears in Hartford-area housing covenants today. …[more]

Categories: Immigration, Law, West Hartford

Valley Forge, 1777

A Connecticut Slave in George Washington’s Army

February 22, 2015

Nero Hawley, born into slavery in Connecticut in the 18th century, fought in the Revolutionary War. After his emancipation at the age of 41, he went on to become a …[more]

Categories: Revolutionary War, Slavery and Abolition, Stratford, Trumbull, Work

Fredi Washington and her sister Isabel, 1930s

Remembering Fredi Washington: Actress, Activist, and Journalist

February 21, 2015

This actress earned acclaim for her portrayal of an African American woman who chooses to pass as white in order to escape racial discrimination but, in real life, she embraced her heritage and worked to end inequality.  …[more]

Categories: Arts, Popular Culture, Women

Little Bethel AME Church, 44 Lake Avenue, Greenwich

Site Lines: Fortresses of Faith, Agents of Change

February 20, 2015

Black churches, including the earliest ones in Connecticut, have long been at the forefront in the battle for social progress and equality. …[more]

Categories: Belief, Everyday Life, Slavery and Abolition

Transcript of a letter by James Pennington to his parents and siblings, 1844 from The Fugitive Blacksmith or, Events in the History of James W.C. Pennington

Reverend James Pennington: A Voice for Freedom

February 19, 2015

Having escaped from slavery in Maryland, this accomplished pastor, publisher, and freedom fighter challenged racism wherever he found it, even within the ranks of the abolitionist movement and the ministry. …[more]

Categories: Belief, Civil War, Connecticut History Day 2015, Slavery and Abolition

View of Cheney Hollow before it was flooded to form Andover Lake - Scott Yeomans

Andover Lake: A Lesson in Social Change

February 18, 2015

Constructed in the early 20th century, Andover Lake is a man-made recreation area. While residents of Andover and other nearby towns enjoy swimming and boating on the property’s 159 acres, …[more]

Categories: Andover, Law, Social Movements, Sports and Recreation

Charles Ethan Porter, Fruit: Apples, Grapes, Peaches, and Pears

Charles Ethan Porter, African American Still-life Painter

February 17, 2015

Charles Ethan Porter was a prolific still life painter in the 19th and early 20th century. Little is known about Porter’s early life; however, it is known that he moved …[more]

Categories: Arts, Vernon

Venture Smith's headstone

Venture Smith, from Slavery to Freedom

February 16, 2015

Smith’s account sheds light on the experience of enslaved and free blacks in 18th-century Connecticut.  …[more]

Categories: Connecticut History Day 2015, East Haddam, Slavery and Abolition, Stonington

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