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View of the Hartford Civic Center roof, which collapsed on January 18, 1978

Almost a Tragedy: The Collapse of the Hartford Civic Center

January 18, 2017

In the early morning of January 18, the roof of the sports coliseum collapsed onto 10,000 empty stadium seats. …[more]

Categories: Contemporary United States, Disaster, Hartford, Sports and Recreation

Civic Center Collapse

Civic Center Roof Collapses – Today in History: January 18

January 18, 2017

On January 18, 1978, at about 4:20 in the morning, the Hartford Civic Center roof collapsed. Ten days of bad... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Architecture, Contemporary United States, Disaster, Hartford, Popular Culture

Martin John Gilman, Protective ArmorDesign Patent 124,251December 24, 1940

Patents – Bozrah’s Inventive Minds

January 17, 2017

From the time the federal government first began issuing patents in 1790, Connecticut was a national leader in patenting its... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Bozrah, Invention and Technology

Dr. Emma Irene Boardman

Dr. E. Irene Boardman Never Stopped Serving the Public

January 17, 2017

Emma Irene Boardman was born January 17, 1889, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The 10th of 11 children in her family,... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Health and Medicine, Prospect

Oakwood Acres temporary housing

The Debate Over Who Could Occupy World War II Public Housing in West Hartford

January 15, 2017

In the 1940s, African American war workers eligible for government-funded housing found access restricted to some properties despite vacancies.  …[more]

Categories: Connecticut History Day 2017, Great Depression and World War II, New Britain, War and Defense, West Hartford, Work, World War II

American Clock & Watch Museum, Bristol

Video – Connecticut’s Cultural Treasures: American Clock & Watch Museum

January 15, 2017

Connecticut’s Cultural Treasures is a series of 50 five-minute film vignettes that profiles a variety of the state’s most notable cultural resources.  …[more]

Categories: Bristol, Business and Industry, Invention and Technology


Over Time: West Hartford’s Historical Population

January 15, 2017

Census data, from colonial times on up to the present, is a key resource for those who study the ways in which communities change with the passage of time.  …[more]

Categories: West Hartford

First Meetinghouse in Hartford

The Free Consent of the People: Thomas Hooker and the Fundamental Orders

January 14, 2017

Government formed with the consent of the people was a radical idea in the age of nations ruled by monarchs, emperors, and tsars.  …[more]

Categories: Colonization and Settlement, Hartford, Politics and Government, Thomas Hooker, Wethersfield, Windsor

Sam Colt

Sam Colt’s Funeral: The Day Hartford Stopped

January 14, 2017

The funeral of America's first great munitions maker was spectacular—certainly the most spectacular ever seen in the state's capital city.  …[more]

Categories: Business and Industry, Hartford, Samuel Colt

Tariffville Train Wreck

The Tariffville Disaster – Today in History: January 14

January 14, 2017

On January 14, 1878, at about 10:00 in the evening, a span of the Tariffville Bridge gave way, plunging a Connecticut Western Railroad train into the Farmington River 20 feet below. …[more]

Categories: Disaster, Simsbury

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