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February 14, 2017 • Hide Featured Image, The State
WTIC-TV filming airplane

WTIC-TV (Ch. 3) photography director Herman D. Heinz films a sequence for 'Not In My Back Yard' - Hartford Public Library, Hartford History Center

YouTube – CTHPrograms

– Co-produced by Connecticut Public Television and Connecticut Humanities as part of the Connecticut Experience series on CPTV.

This clip from Home Front: During World War II provides a brief look at Connecticut’s response to the possibility of air attacks during the war. After incendiary bombs were used on London they were seen as a threat to Connecticut, especially its urban centers, and air raid precautions became the front line of defense.


$14.95 each (before tax, shipping, and handling)
African Americans in Connecticut, Part I – The Colonial Era to the Civil War (1998 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
African Americans in Connecticut, Part II – The Civil War to Civil Rights (1998 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
As We Tell Our Stories (2001 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Between Boston and New York (1992 w/ CPTV: 1 hour)
Colt: Legend and Legacy (1997 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Connecticut and Its Cities, Part I – Three Centuries of Change (2002 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Connecticut and Its Cities, Part II – Challenge of Renewal (2002 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Connecticut’s Tobacco Valley – (2001 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
East of the River – (2005 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
From Here to There – (w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Puerto Rican Passages (1995 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Rise and Fall of Newgate Prison: A Story of Crime and Punishment in Connecticut
Roots of Roe
Schools Good Enough for All (2000 w/CPTV: 90 minutes)
Suburbia: The Good Life in CT? (1997 w/CPTV: 1 hour)
Working the Land

$19.95 each (before tax, shipping, and handling)
Connecticut and the Sea – (2000 w/CPTV: 90 minutes)
Home Front: CT During WWII (2001 w/CPTV: 1 hour 52 minutes)

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