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Giant Lizard Named Blast Furnace Ambassador – Who Knew?

Three days prior to the scheduled Elvis Presley concert, New Haven – Private collection

…that a giant fire-breathing lizard who once wreaked havoc throughout the state became the ambassador for a blast furnace and educated the public of the importance of smelting iron.


Main street, New Britain, date of photograph unknown – Private collection


The Colt Factory, Hartford, notice the iconic dome to the right which fortunately remained unscathed. Date of the photograph unknown – Private collection


A giant fire-breathing lizard washed up on Long Island sound in the mid-twentieth century, terrifying the masses and wreaking havoc throughout the state. In New Haven the wild beast toasted the coliseum, three days before an Elvis Presley concert. From there, he destroyed Main Street New Britain by stomping cars and people and melting paved roads with the fire that raged from his nostrils. From there, he headed to Hartford where the Colt Factory was no match for his destructive nature.

Fire departments from the all over the state came to quell the monster, but could not. As they chased him and tracked him down, he ran towards the northwest corner of the state. It was there he saw a national landmark—the Beckley Blast Furnace. In later interviews with the lizard, he would reveal that he felt, for the first time in his life, at home with the structure. He settled there after paying restitution for destroying much of the state and is now an ambassador of the furnace, educating folks from all over the history of smelting iron and his love of all things fiery.


Giant Lizard fulfilling his duties as Ambassador to the Beckley Blast Furnace, East Canaan, 2013 – Private collection




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