Throughout the state’s history, Connecticut residents have always been breaking barriers. Most often these incidences take the form of compelling stories about individuals and groups that made a lasting impact on our nation’s history. From tales of achievement (such as the election of Ella Grasso) to acts of civil disobedience (such as those undertaken by the Smith Sisters in their fight for equality), the perseverance and resolve demonstrated throughout Connecticut’s history makes significant contributions to the story of breaking barriers in the United States.HistoryDayCT

Breaking Barriers in Connecticut History

Nutmeggers have been involved in all manner of breaking barriers dating back to the establishment of the Fundamental Orders and carrying right through to the modern fight against educational segregation found in the case of Sheff v. O”Neill. This has required not only pushing at the boundaries of law and government but those of art, education, the environment, and health and medicine as well. One only has to look at the story of Maria Sanchez or the revolutionary inventions of Charles Goodyear to get a sense of the breadth of strategies Connecticut residents have employed in the name of breaking new ground.

The very idea of breaking barriers provides fascinating opportunities for study through its promotion of encounters with new people, ideas, cultures, and environments as well. These interactions, while sometimes causing conflict, also challenge long-held beliefs, help broaden ideas, and give rise to new perspectives. The diverse nature of these impacts present themselves when one explores the variety of local barrier-breaking stories, such as Connecticut’s aviation pioneers, the work of Isaac Glasko (a blacksmith of mixed African American and Native American descent who challenged 19th-century voting rights in Connecticut), or Connecticut’s passing of the nation’s first “Lemon Law.”

Whether you choose to focus on issues of race, belief, gender, law, politics and government, work, or education, Connecticut’s history provides numerous examples of engaging stories to help you in your search for a local topic that addresses the many varied aspects of Breaking Barriers in History.

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