Colonization and Settlement

Illustrations showing each farmer's branding earmarks

Branding Law Enacted – Today in History: February 5

February 5, 2019

On February 5, 1644, Connecticut enacted the first branding law in the colonies. The act called for all livestock owners... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Agriculture, Colonization and Settlement, Law, Middlebury

Placard commemorating the adoption of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

The Fundamental Orders: Connecticut’s Role in Early Constitutional Government

January 15, 2019

Embracing the ideals supported by Hartford founder the Rev. Thomas Hooker, the Fundamental Orders represent what many consider to be the first written constitution in the Western world. …[more]

Categories: Colonization and Settlement, Hartford, Politics and Government, Thomas Hooker, Wethersfield, Windsor

Drawing from Remarkable Apparitions, and Ghost-Stories, 1849

The Ghost Ship of New Haven Sets Sail Shrouded in Mystery

January 6, 2019

Tales of a spectral ship seen sailing in the skies above New Haven have haunted Connecticut's imagination since the late 1640s.  …[more]

Categories: Belief, Colonization and Settlement, Folklore, New Haven, Weather

Goshen Animal Pound, circa 1800

Goshen’s Animal Pound

November 30, 2018

Livestock were once a central feature and concern of daily life for Litchfield County residents. …[more]

Categories: Agriculture, Colonization and Settlement, Everyday Life, Goshen

Charles De Wolf Brownell, Charter Oak

Hiding the Charter: Images of Joseph Wadsworth’s Legendary Action

October 31, 2018

Overshadowed by the famed oak, Joseph Wadsworth, “the hero of the Charter,” has become the Rodney Dangerfield of Connecticut history—he doesn’t get any respect—or much recognition. …[more]

Categories: Colonization and Settlement, Folklore, Politics and Government

First Meetinghouse in Hartford

The Free Consent of the People: Thomas Hooker and the Fundamental Orders

May 31, 2018

Government formed with the consent of the people was a radical idea in the age of nations ruled by monarchs, emperors, and tsars.  …[more]

Categories: Colonization and Settlement, Hartford, Politics and Government, Thomas Hooker, Wethersfield, Windsor

The figure of the Indians' fort or palizado in New England and the manner of the destroying it by Captayne Underhill and Captayne Mason

Connecticut Declares War Against the Pequot – Today in History: May 1

May 1, 2018

On May 1, 1637, Connecticut Colony declared war against the Pequot. This marked the first declared war in Connecticut between... Read more » …[more]

Categories: Colonization and Settlement, Native Americans, Pequot War, War and Defense

An Orderly & Decent Government: Establishing Self Government, 1634-1776

April 12, 2018

Puritans from Massachusetts settled early Connecticut towns, and in 1639 drew up "The Fundamental Orders" by which they would be governed. …[more]

Categories: An Orderly & Decent Government, Colonization and Settlement, Politics and Government, The State

An Orderly & Decent Government: Making Self-Government Work, 1634-1776

April 12, 2018

In 1698 the General Court reorganized itself to deal more effectively with Connecticut’s complex new problems. The outlines of the modern legislative system began to emerge. …[more]

Categories: An Orderly & Decent Government, Colonization and Settlement, Hartford, New Haven, Politics and Government, The State, Wethersfield, Windsor

An Orderly & Decent Government: Significant Events & Developments, 1634-1776

April 12, 2018

After the Pequot War, New settlers and speculators sought to establish new towns from the colony’s undistributed lands. …[more]

Categories: An Orderly & Decent Government, Colonization and Settlement, The State

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